Therapy as a profession began formerly for me around fifteen years ago, although helping people to be the best they can be has been a lifelong passion.

One thing I like most is helping someone to realise their potential (which we know deep down inside is limitless!!)

What drives me, is witnessing and sharing the chrysalis moment when things finally change, I am constantly in awe of the box of treasures that confidence can unlock.

My chrysalis moment began in Sydney Australia 1999, home alone, friends had gone abroad. Daughter away, and with no family around, my husband and I volunteer with many others, to help cook lunch for the homeless on Xmas day with one of the big charity organisations. Sydney Mission a great charity, with a brilliant track record.

Xmas Day….

Off we went ready to prepare lunch. Whatever we were asked to do we were pleased to be of help on this festive day. Helping cook for the homeless, the atmosphere was electric.

Some 120 people came to the 1st serving.

1 hour later 125 more people, by 3.34 most homeless people were full & content. crackers pulled, puddings all gone. Socialising was taking place inside the hall, outside and near the big fountain on the street corner. Cheery faces with lots of laughter, time to meet & chat. I spoke with Angel a 72-year-old fairy!! A celebrity of the Cross area. Who had been living on the streets for 22 years? Angel wore some beautiful handmade wings, and a flowing dress of rainbow colours, the local people passed by saying hello to her. I found out her husband had died in a car accident, she had escaped the rat race to live in fairyland, finding it a happier place to be, this was how she coped with her loss.

Then there was Julian the ex-bank manager, he had lost his job 10 months before, he had a drinking problem, his wife and children had left him when the sale of the home went through we talked at length.

I went home that day feeling so sad that these people had lost the thread that affords us stability, a chance to belong in society with all it’s good points and failings.

I obviously wanted in some way to understand the fabric in which we live, the essence of caring, having a means to be part of a society that can help us to be the very best we can be, sometimes we need help to get back on track, so I decided to become part of that help, the Healing part of me knows how to connect with people quickly. I take time to Listen to anyone who is living on the Street. “Shame” seems to be the overall feeling and the major reason most homeless people, don’t want family, loved one’s or friends to know they have reached the bottom.

I have spent hundreds of hours with corporate highflyers. Athletes of all descriptions, police force, teachers, doctors nurses, lawyers, actors and of course not forgetting the homeless. The confidence to change course when things go wrong, to know we are bigger, better than we could ever dream possible, this is our goal together…..

​I am honest about what can be achieved based on current thinking, I do not like to make false claims or promises, results require truth, if what you are currently doing is not working, I will honestly evaluate where I see that working for or against you and recommend an alternative.

My goal is to get results, isn’t that what you are looking for? the cycle needs to be broken, the feeling of hopelessness, anxiety and stress is not our default state, we were born astonished by our ability and the beauty all around us, always learning to achieve more, walking, running all without fear, it is suggested that we only have two real fears, falling and loud noises!! reconnecting you with your infinite potential is your birthright!!

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