What is anxiety therapy and does it really help? That’s a question that many anxiety sufferers have asked. And the short answer is that, yes, hypnosis can be an effective tool for managing anxiety.


Well, in many cases, anxiety is learned subconsciously. We condition ourselves to react to stressful situations in a particular way. For those who experience anxiety, the natural response is a wide range of symptoms, from racing thoughts to laboured breathing.

Hypnotherapy can allow us to reframe and release these automatic responses, replace them with more helpful ways of thinking, and ultimately, to reduce anxiety and stress instantaneously. Through hypnotherapy, you can begin to gain greater control over the response to triggers and stressful situations and empower your mind.

Today, hypnotherapy for anxiety is fairly mainstream. More and more medical professionals are recognizing hypnotherapy as a viable and successful option for anxiety. For example, the British Psychological Society now recognizes hypnotherapy as a therapeutic option for the condition. But is hypnotherapy really so effective for anxiety? How does it work? What about the research?

Read on to learn how hypnotherapy can help you overcome the negative thinking that starts your anxiety and transforms your mind’s natural response.

Anxiety: The Condition that Grips the World

If you experience anxiety on a regular basis, you’re not alone. Anxiety is one of the most common psychological conditions in the world.

In the U.S. alone, anxiety affects nearly 20 % of the population. Yet, even though many treatment options are available, just one-third actually seek treatment.

In other words, many adults in the U.S. and around the world learn to live with anxiety. They may learn to manage it, but without treatment, many never truly free themselves of anxiety’s burden.

Many psychologists speculate that anxiety is a learned behaviour.

Our minds have natural defence mechanisms that typically manifest as emotions, like fear or panic. Over time, our subconscious mind has learned to amplify these defence mechanisms to the point that they become irrational. We irrationally feel fear or panic – in social settings, due to public speaking, or just in general in our day to day lives.
Why does this happen?

Well, for example, it’s often based on automatic, subconscious thinking. We may have had a negative experience with public speaking, and our subconscious learned to induce fear, panic and anxiety to protect us from having a similar experience in the future, over time these feelings become ingrained in our minds – to the point that they can become debilitating.

Hypnotherapy empowers people to examine and explore these subconscious, automatic thoughts, recognises them and ultimately removes them. In other words, Hypnotherapy provides a method for getting down to the root cause of the anxiety – the automatic defence mechanism thinking – and removes the fear, panic or irrational thinking that repeats the anxiety.

The Subconscious Role in Anxiety

Our minds are powerful and complex. But what we don’t often recognise: Our rational minds aren’t often in control. The rational mind takes a back seat to the subconscious.
The subconscious mind influences many of our thoughts. Like when you feel cold, your body reacts for example to a cold breeze.

That message essentially signals the brain to ask what it’s feeling. In other words, we don’t consciously think: “I feel cold.” Instead, that thought is created automatically, by the subconscious, and it’s based on our previous life experience – i.e. what we’ve learned from our past experiences with cold, etc.

When anxiety controls our lives, it’s a lot like that automatic feeling of cold. We experience a stimulus – say, a social situation – that triggers an automatic response, the fear and panic take hold and thereby create anxiety.

Traditional therapeutic techniques tend to provide strategies for managing these automatic thoughts. We might learn to control the fear, for example, but the anxiety may still exist. And that’s why many traditional treatments fail. The fear and panic – the root causes of your anxiety still exist.

With hypnotherapy, you can begin to remove the information in your subconscious that’s telling you to feel fear and panic in certain situations.

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